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Aletheia Capital Advisors LLC a Delaware Limited Liability Company headquartered in Boise, Idaho was formed in late 2010. It builds upon management's extensive political and executive relationships within the real estate industry; banking at the national and regional levels; asset repositioning and workout professionals; real estate and mortgage brokers; private lenders; title company executives; and service providers.

Our primary objective is to provide partners, clients, and business relationships the highest quality level of service while achieving common goals. We draw our name from the Greek word “aletheia” meaning “truth” or, “openness”, or “not being hidden.” This is the guiding principle to our approach in business.

The primary focus is on the acquisition, management, and disposition of non-performing loan (NPL) and REO pools with a concentration on bulk single family, but will also consider multi-family and commercial.
Aletheia’s management team has substantial experience in real estate investment, management, financing, and development. The team has been involved in:

Aletheia operates both as a principal and in a general manager capacity working with various capital partners and investors. Aletheia has several areas in which it operates:

Aletheia Capital Advisors separates itself from the crowd. To better understand how, we invite you to contact us at:, call us at (208) 991-0841, or contact us at the address below:

Mission Statement
To provide partners, clients, and business relationships the highest
quality of service while achieving common goals based upon
the principles of openness, integrity, and transparency.


Aletheia Capital Advisors LLC
439 E. Shore Drive, Suite 100
Eagle, ID 83616